Nationwide, droughts are taking a serious toll on crops, livestock, plants, and even the foundations of homes. With constantly changing weather conditions and climate patterns,droughts can easily become a reality anywhere.  Compounded by the extremely high temperatures that often accompany drought conditions, special precautions must be taken to preserve the value and safety of your home.

Severe drought causes the soil to dry out under the edges of your home causing
damage as the soil shrink. Here are 3 preventive steps you can take to
help reduce the effect of a lack of moisture on your foundation.

1. Water your foundation
Run a soaker hose around the exterior of your home and let it run for a few hours each week. This will help maintain the moisture levels in the soil around your home, keeping it from pulling away from your foundation.

2. Clean out or install guttering
Maintaining moist soil around your foundation is important, but occasional downpours during thunderstorm can provide too much moisture too quickly. This causes soil to erode from your foundation and can create problems.

3. Install Root Barriers
Beware of large tree roots which can absorb a lot of moisture in the ground near the tree. If you have very large trees near your home, a drought can force tree root systems to reach further underneath your foundation in search of moisture. You may be able to install root barriers to prevent the roots from causing problems with your foundation.

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