There are more uses for paint than you might think. It is not something one often stands still on, but it’s all around us. This week we explore the 3 main uses for paint.

  • Paint beautifies

Paint gives colour to everything around us, from painting a house a new colour, to choosing a vehicle in the unique colour of your choice.

  • Paint protects

To ensure a surface is best protected against the elements (such as the weather) paint is applied to buildings, steel structures or vehicles to only name a few.

  • Paint sends a specific message

Road markings are made in different colours to communicate a specific message to road users. In factories pipes are painted different colours to indicate its specific use. Gas bottles are painted in different colours to warn people whether they contain dangerous substances.

Without the presence of paint, this world would certainly have been a little bit dull and its use is far greater than only applying a colour to a surface- it sends a specific message.

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